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Criminal Justice Services

Forensic (Criminal Justice) Program


Provides a variety of services within the criminal justice system for those who are incarcerated and those generally involved in the legal system.

Jail Diversion and Mental Health Court


Assists with advocacy, linkage and referral for those individuals who have a mental illness and their offense may be related. This can include Mental Health Court, another diversion program for people who live in Lake County who have a mental illness and a misdemeanor charge. This program allows the individual to be involved in outpatient treatment for two years while the court supervises the treatment and the charge may later be dismissed.

Forensic Case Management


Provides services to individuals who are repeatedly involved in the criminal justice because of their mental illness. The case manager assists in advocacy, linkage and referral at both the misdemeanor and felony level courts.

Lake County Jail Services


Provides licensed mental health professionals to provide services primarily in the Lake County Adult Detention Center.

Jail Treatment Program (JTP)


Provides assessment and intervention services including intensive outpatient services to individuals with substance use disorder. All services are provided by licensed professionals to individuals in the Lake County Adult Detention Center.

Intensive Community Rehabilitation (ICR)


Provides education and group therapy within the Juvenile Justice Center to detour placement at the Ohio Department of Youth Services (ODYS).

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