We help thousands of people every year.

About Us

Crossroads Health offers a continuum of recovery, mental & primary health care programs and services for all people, at any age or stage of life.

As a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit we are committed to providing trauma-informed, evidence-based services that change lives and impact communities! We desire to see all who seek support in living healthy, active, and productive lives.

Our Mission
We offer integrated services
for recovery and mental health.

Why Crossroads Health?


We’ve provided life-changing behavioral health and recovery services to thousands of people every year, for more than forty years.

For All People

We serve all people at all ages and stages of life. This includes children, adolescents, young adults, adults and families, including specialized treatment for chemically independent adolescents.

Individualized Care

Our multidisciplinary staff of psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, mental health specialists, and educators provides specialized treatment and expert care based on the individual’s needs.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Clients

We provide individualized services based on each person’s own unique strengths, abilities, needs, and preferences.


We celebrate our oneness and welcome all people, at all ages and stages of life.


We work together with our partners and community to provide the best available resources.


We are committed to quality outcomes, holding ourselves to the highest level of professionalism and responsiveness.


We are respectful and trauma-informed, recognizing and appreciating differences.


We are dedicated and determined in our efforts to meet client and community needs.


We are honest and ethical in everything we do.

Our Vision
We will be the innovative leader
for trauma-informed, personalized
care and recovery support.

Meet the team of people making it happen.

Our Leadership

Mike Matoney

Chief Executive Officer

Craig Hargenrader

Chief Financial Officer

Shayna L. Jackson, MSSA, LISW-S

Chief Clinical Officer, Adult Services

Sue Tager, MA, LSW, LICDC-CS

Site Director, New Directions, Inc.

Dean Visk

Director of Integrated Healthcare

Alice Iden

Chief Operating Officer

Amber Thomas, MA, LPCC-S

Chief Clinical Officer, Child & Adolescent Programming

James B. Wyman

Chief Development Officer

Nicole Vojtush

Director of Quality Improvement

Board of Directors

Dianne Vogt

Board Chairperson

  • Harold Abraham
  • Daniel P. Arian
  • Steve Baldini
  • Nate Bell
  • John Berger
  • Dr. Mel Chavinson
  • Steve Ciuni
  • Leslie Clavin
  • Melissa Cole
  • Mike Crislip
  • Darren Crook

  • Daniel Gold
  • Chris Gravius
  • Nancy W. Hanna
  • Leon Kambani
  • Janet Morse
  • Linda Perlic
  • Joe Popely
  • Judith Rich
  • John F. Schindler
  • Joshua J. Strickland

Honorary Board

  • Gail A. Allison
  • Harold W. Babbit
  • Eva Dolan
  • Cindy Eickhoff
  • joan gelb
  • Ron M. Harrington
  • Joan and James R. Hill
  • Pamela B. Keefe

  • Nancy-Clay Marsteller
  • Sandra J. Philipson
  • Richard W. Pogue
  • Karen Silver
  • David Skrabec
  • Marc A. Stefanski
  • Ron Toivonen
  • Michael W. Wise

Looking to join our family?

We are always looking for fun, passionate people to join our team.

Donate now to help people and families
struggling with mental health and recovery.

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